A Birthday Cheese Pun Card, a Brie-liant way to say, ‘happy birthday!’

Cheese pun card, orange cheddar cheese pun illustration- a piece of orange cheddar cheese is holding up a white wine glass and smiling.

Today feels like just the day to take you through some of our cheesiest cheesy puns.  Find a cheese pun card suitable for day brightening, birthdays, romance, take your pick. We all know that puns and cheese go hand in hand like palm in…palm…esan?😂🤦🏼‍♀️

As you can tell from a cursory glance through our best sellers list from the last few years, Cat’s got quite the penchant for cheesy wordplay. In fact, one of my all time favourite cards is a cheese based illustration – we’ll come onto that later. She also played Ben Gunn in a Year 6 school play and had a full on cheese based rap….if only youtube and video phones had been available back then…..I digress. Enough preamble…TO THE PUNS!!!

We pride ourselves in giving our customers and fellow pun appreciators the cheesiest puns we can Munster up for every possible occasion.

An absolute classic cheese pun card

Firstly, we have this absolute classic.  It’s an all purpose cheesy design, suitable for sending as a ‘just because’, for conveying birthday greetings, congratulations, or anything else you’d like to say. Sometimes ‘You’re Brie-liant’ says all you need to say.

You can also find this particular Brie as part of our MultiPun greetings card “I know it’s cheesy but…”. This is one of our all time bestselling romantic cards now and has conveyed many a cheesy pick up line to significant others over the years.

This selection of puns is also available as an A3 print so that you can still display how fondue you are of each other long after the card has been put in the drawer.

Bond with your partner over a cheese pun board

If you bonded with your partner over a cheese board, that card is definitely the one for you, although after the third national lockdown together we’d forgive you if the above was more appropriate.

But fear not, not all of our cheesy cards are that sentimental; Cat’s doodled her fair share of cheeses and realised that there was great need for a collection of birthday cheesy greetings. You can find these on another of our signature Multipun cards, with a suitably illustrated envelope.

Our all time favourite cheese pun card – the deliciously deceptive ‘Lie Brie’

And last but by no means least, we move onto my all time favourite card, it’s the deliciously deceptive ‘Lie Brie’. This card is one of my personal favourites.

The back of this card is as good as the front, but you’ll have to pick up your own copy to find out why

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