Dad jokes for Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day Card - Hoppy Father's Day, by Jelly Armchair. On some different coloured beer bottles and cans are some letters spelling 'Happy Father's' and then three rabbits are bouncing and each holding a letter to spell 'day'.

Find the right funny Father’s Day Card

Father’s day is the next big date in the world of card buying so we thought why not show you some of our top picks for Father’s Day this year. We have some awesome alternative father’s day cards for all the Dads out there. So whether your dad is the king of dad jokes or if you just want to make him smile this Father’s Day we are sure we will have something for you. So, here are our top funny Father’s Day card puns.

The Dad Joke Cards

We thought why not start strong with some of our finest dad joke cards. If your dad loves to make you cringe by telling the cheesiest of jokes we thought what better way to get your own back than sending a card that will make him cringe for a change. Or if no one makes you laugh harder than your dad, these cards will go down a treat. He’ll be all ears for these puns. So why not send a card that will have your dad chuckling and he may even add it to his catalogue of witty jokes.




For The Foodie Dads

Does your dad love nothing more than spending an afternoon cooking up some culinary delights? Or is your dad slightly less than gifted when it comes to cooking? Whether your dad is a gourmet chef or someone who manages to burn water we have some hilarious foody cards for all dads out there. So if their lack of cooking skills have become a bit of a running joke or they can serve up a three course meal in no time we have the card for them. What better way to say thank you for all they do for you.




For the dads from the little ones

If you know a new dad who is absolutely smashing dad life, why not let them know this year with one of these hilariously adorable father’s day cards. For the dads that are there to scare away the monsters under the bed and be there for their little ones when they need them the most. These cards are for them. So say a big thank you this year with either of these two meaningful fathers day cards.




For dads who love adventure and the great outdoors

If your favourite memories of your dad are all the outdoor adventures you’ve had together then why not get him a funny father’s day card that reflects that. If your dad loves nothing more than getting out in the garden or into the wilderness for an adventure then we have the card for him. So from games in the back garden to long walks and trips into the outdoors we have the card for the dad out there who loves to get out and about.



Cards for Grandads too

Why not send a card to your Grandad this Father’s Day? These two cards are so popular with people who love to send a little something to their grandfathers each year. These two funny grandfather cards will bring a smile to their face this year.

We hope you’ve found this run down of our funny Father’s Day cards puns useful when it comes to deciding which card to get this year. Be sure to head over to the full Fathers Day collection on our website to see our full range of cards.

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