Jelly Armchair’s top funny Mother’s Day card picks for 2023

Cat Mother's Day Card - Mum You're the Cat's Pyjamas

 Mother’s Day 2023 – Choosing a funny Mother’s Day card

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (it’s on Sunday 19th March in the UK this year), so we thought why not show you our top picks for a funny mother’s day card to help you celebrate your wonderful mum. We know everyone has the best mum in the world, but no two mums are the same! So to say a huge thank you to all the mums out there, we have created some meaningful and humorous mother’s day cards to help you say thank you in your own special way.

Carry on reading for a look at 5 of our favourite Mum’s day cards, or you can browse and shop the whole range of Mother’s Day Cards right here.

A black shed in the centre of the card. In white on the shed is written 'Mum I Shed Tell You'. Surrounding this are eight illustrated gardening puns.

The classic Mother’s Day Card – our most popular design goes to…

This card is our bestseller, and for good reason! It’s perfect for all those nurturing green-fingered mums out there, packed full of puns so good you will be rolling around laughing like a lawnmower on speed. If your Mum is like a garden pixie and is more at home amongst the spuds and snowdrops then this funny Mother’s Day card is the equivalent of a prize-winning marrow!

Cat Mother's Day Card - Mum You're the Cat's Pyjamas, by Jelly Armchair. Lots of cats wearing colourful pyjamas all have letters on their tops. The letters spell 'Happy Mothers Day'. At the bottom in black it reads '(You're the cat's pyjamas!)'.

My Mum likes things spelled out”

We brits aren’t the best at saying what we really feel. So we thought we’d make this card to help express a simple message in the cutest way. If your mum has always been there making sure your pyjamas aren’t on backwards and that your tail isn’t in a twist, then this mothers day, let her know that she is the cat’s whiskers! We love this card for Happy Mother’s Day because it’s simple, effective, and well, covered in cats.

Cheesy Mother's Day Card - Grater Mum, by Jelly Armchair. Text above reads 'You couldn't find' then a picture of spaghetti Bolognese with a huge slice of cheese on top. Then below it reads 'a grater Mum'.

Grater Mum…Our homage to the Cheesy Mother’s Day card.

Would this be a Jelly Armchair article without a cheesy Mother’s Day card? When you’re looking for a funny Mother’s Day card, you can’t go wrong with a bit of classic cheese humour. If your mum has cooked you more comfort meals than you can count, this cheesy Mother’s Day Card is a brie-liant way to let her know how grate-full you are for everything she does for you.

Hedgehog Mother's Day Card - The Mum and Only. Funny Mother's Day card by Jelly Armchair. Two hedgehogs, one larger than the other. A small one is holding a red balloon which reads 'You are the mum and only!'.

Forget Mother, I’m looking for a funny card for Mum!

There are so many different titles for motherhood, but in our most recent Jelly Armchair employee survey ‘mum’ was the most popular.  If, like us,  you’ve been finding it a little tricky to find a card for mum, then our adorable hedgehogs are here to help! A funny card doesn’t have to compromise on cuteness – with this card she’ll be belting out Chesney Hawkes whilst wiping away happy tears.

Pretty Mother's Day Card - Mum You're Tea-riffic, by Jelly Armchair. A blue and white smily teapot and a gold handle. Next to it is a little teacup of the same design. The teacup is saying 'Mum you are tea-riffic!'.

Our prettiest funny Mother’s Day card

If your mum loves a good cuppa and a natter then this pretty Mother’s Day card will be the cream and jam to her scone (or jam and cream, whatever). Let her know you think she is the lady of the manor with this elegant and cheery teapot. This humorous card will have her oolonging for a hug and it is sure to show you went the extra chamomile.

We hope you have found this blog helpful and that we have made it a bit easier for you to choose which funny Mother’s Day card to send to you wonderful mum this year. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there!

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