Guess The Celebrity

Each illustration below represents a famous celeb… grab a friend and get guessing. If you’re really stuck, you can scroll down a bit further for some hints, but beware, the immense satisfaction of solving it by yourself can be diminished somewhat if you resort to needing a clue!

Tim waving, by Jelly Armchair. A yellow and spikey soft smiling character is waving at you!
Would you appreciate some handy hints? Clues right this way…
  1. If you’re coming out, don’t turn yourself upside down or inside out, it’s a bit of a chain reaction!
  2. BABAAAAAAAAAY you might need to kiss some flowers to guess this one.
  3. Someone like you need clues? When we were young we didn’t have fancy computers.
  4. Looking for a Master to Command you a clue? This pun is Maximus difficulty, don’t Les Mis it.
  5. Anything could happen, don’t get starry-eyed. Swish your long blonde hair and think Elton John cover.

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