Guess The Films

Each illustration below represents a famous film…grab a friend and get guessing. If you’re really stuck, you can scroll down a bit further for some hints, but beware, the immense satisfaction of solving it by yourself can be diminished somewhat if you resort to needing a clue!

Tim waving, by Jelly Armchair. A yellow and spikey soft smiling character is waving at you!
Film blank
Film blank_0004_Layer 5
Film blank_0005_Layer 11
Film blank_0006_Layer 8
Film blank_0007_Layer 9
Would you appreciate some handy hints? Clues right this way…
  1. Keep March-ing on and Meg sure you get it.  Grab yourself a cup of Jo, sit down and have a think.  Amyone with half a brain should be able to get this, the Bethst film adaptation from a novel in a long time.
  2. You need a clue for this one, seriously?  Are you not entertained?
  3.  Being stuck in a library doesn’t mean you can’t party.
  4.  Driving license for three identical Minis desirable but not essential.
  5.  What a feeling.

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