Humorous Birthday Card Puns To Send Smiles!

Birthday card puns - Jurassic parp birthday blog header. A red dinosaur is wearing a birthday hat and holding a can of beans and a drink. He is farting (and saying oops)! The text above reads 'Birthday Parp'.

We all know what it’s like, you’re scouring the shelves to find a friend the ideal card, one that will make them laugh out loud and have tears streaming down their cheeks – it has to be perfect, the best card they have ever received, but you just can’t find one that fits the bill. Well, never fear! We’ve got you covered, our birthday card puns are suitable for all ages and occasions.

We’ve seen all sorts of card buyers since we opened our little shop and we know how difficult it can be to find funny cards that perfectly hit someone’s sense of humour. Our multi-pun range, especially, has been designed to guarantee not just one, but multiple laughs. These cards are suitable for all occasions, birthday, wedding, romance, or simply just because!

A blue background and a brown wooden table. On the table is a card. A black banner in the centre which reads 'Have a brilliant birthday'. This is surrounded by twelve ant puns.If you’re in the enviable position of needing to wish a myrmecophile (that’s an ant lover to you and me) a happy birthday, then we have the most brilliant card for you. This particularly import-ant card comes with a fully illustrated envelope, filled with some seagulls having a day out at the beach. It’s a card that’s a suitable anty-dote to ageing or could even supply some light rome ants.

Or if you have a foodie friend who loves to cook, check out a slice of the action right here. Maybe they love to gather everyone around for a pizza night, homemade or delivered (because all pizza is good pizza!), this humorous birthday card is packed with cheesy puns that even the most distinguished chef will have to have a chuckle at!

A blue background and a wooden table. On the table is a card. A black donut in the centre with text that reads 'Happy Birthday Dough You'. This is surrounded by eight donut puns.Sticking with a foodie theme, everybody loves donuts – right?! Sometimes you want to find that funny birthday card for her that isn’t sickly and pink, it’s humorous and carb-filled. Well, this is a card that is sugar-coated in all the right ways. Whoever it may be for, donut worry – we won’t let you down with this one. It will bring a sprinkle to your eye and a smile to your face.

Maybe farting dinosaurs hold that particular charm that will guarantee a giggle from him on his birthday. Well, never fear, we have a magnificent diplodocus letting rip with careless abandon. If that isn’t your bag, this card has snoozy brontosauruses, a t-rex who is ready to party, and a couple of dino-saws who just can’t wait to cut the cake!

A blue background and a wooden table. On the table is a card. A black cow in the centre with text that reads 'Herd It's Your Birthday'. This is surrounded by eight cow puns.If you need a humorous birthday card packed with birthday puns, then moove over because we have an udderly legendairy card full of bovines ready to celebrate with you. Ideal for a farmer who loves his herd, these characterful cows are ready to give him a card to remember. Cow lovers, vegans, and farm hands alike will all have a birthday chuckle at these moovellous puns. Really though, milk this for all it’s worth! It’s a pun that keeps on giving!

When you want to send a humorous birthday card to your nature loving mate, these bees have got you covered. If you were struggling to find a way to tell someone they’re the bees knees whilst giving them a good old giggle at the same time, struggle no more. These 9 beautiful bees guarantee your card will create a buzz.

A blue background and a wooden table. On the table is a card. A black dog in the centre with text that reads 'Have a Pawsome Birthday'. This is surrounded by eight dog puns.If you are in need of a card celebrating your four-legged friend for life, then this birthday card is here for him or her, tell them they are a good boy or girl with this bork-tastic card. Packed with puns, you will be barking up the right tree with all these humorous birthday doggos. If it’s fluffy woofers you love, then this is bound to have you barking up the right tree.

Looking for a humorous birthday card that is just purrfect for a cat lover? Then this is pawsitivily the best. If you need a card packed with birthday puns, but want a bit of a whiskery twist, this one will have you feline fancy. Whether it is a birthday card for him or her, you won’t find any crazy cat ladies here – just a card for someone who is the absolute cat’s pyjamas!

A blue background and a wooden table. On the table is a card. A black circle with ghosts in the centre with text that reads 'Squad Ghouls'. This is surrounded by eight ghost puns.Another niche card, this one is ideal if your girl gang wants to celebrate someone special. When it comes to humorous birthday cards for her, this one is sure to create a spooky sensation. Ghouls who spook together, stay together, it’s just a fact. If you know somebody who has a Halloween birthday then this is sure to be a card that will make them smile as much as a ghost in a haunted house.

So, there you have it! Many puns, many cards, all guaranteed to give a birthday smile! Whether it’s ants, elephants, dogs, or pizza – we have something for everyone! Can’t find what you are looking for? Then send us a message letting us know why you think your idea should be turned into a card!

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