Have a Seasonal Snigger at our Alternative Christmas Cards!

A gnome in a red cap and blue jumper driving a green car packed with gifts. Text reads 'Driving Gnome For Christmas'. Image on pink background.

We know that it isn’t easy finding niche cards at Christmas; it’s either stars, donkeys, or snow. If you are looking for a few humorous Christmas cards to send to your friends and to your family this year, then we have plenty of holiday cards which are sure to make even the grumpiest of scrooges will crack a smile. Whether it’s cat or dog cards, bugs, pizza, meerkats, or just cards packed with Dad jokes – we’ll have something for you! Don’t worry if you are short on alternative Christmas card ideas, just check out our recommended top five picks below.

You Won’t Get Frostbite With This One

Beginning with a classic, our funny snowman card is a no-brainer if you are looking for alternative Christmas card puns with a snowy twinkle. Don’t get frostbite, just remember that good gifts are snow laughing matter – with this humorous Christmas card you will be sure to bring a smile to even the frostiest snowman! Fun Christmas cards are our thing and given there is no business like snow business we think that this card nails it. If, however, this card feels too chilly and it’s not snow but something with fur you are after, then read on…

How About A Furry Tail?

A fairy tale about a furry tail of mew york that is! This has to be the purrfect card for those of you looking for cat Christmas cards, it really is the big apple of cat puns. The cat is out of the bag that the statue of liberty is actually the statue of kitty. Just don’t tell all the dogs… If it is dog Christmas cards you are after though, then this next pawfect example should be barking up the right tree…

This Will Get Your Tail Wagging

Looks like you just sniffed out one of the best dog Christmas card puns we have! These hairy angels would be howling with laughter if they knew that you were even considering the cat Christmas card. This really is the most ideal card for dog lovers and choral singers alike. Our pet shop quartet is here to bring some pup-tastic fun to the festive season. For more fun Christmas cards that involve furry felines and pawfect pups then check this out.

But Maybe Cats and Dogs Aren’t Really Your Thing?

Then I would recommend that you click on the links to check out this rather fetching trio of meerkats, or this moo-vellous cow. But if you can’t decide and need an alternative Christmas card that covers a whole menagerie of animal puns then I think you need this, as far as novelty Christmas cards go, animal christmas card is on the money – or is that moo-ney? Positively packed with bears, sheep, and rabbits – oh my!

Seasons Greetings And Hoppy Christmas!

If animals and snowmen maybe aren’t your bag and you are looking for a festive Christmas card that is sure to keep you feeling full and packed with puns? Check out our food and drink Christmas multi puns! Pud on the Ritz and grab a brewdolf – these cards are going to wow even the hungriest of reindeer. Your friends will be singing gin-gle bells all the way with these alternative Christmas cards, no sparkly angels or Santas here – just good ol’ booze and puddings!

Okay so, one final card…

You have the ultimate dad joke card here. This card is full of green goodness and an apologetic little cartoon Christmas card avocado! If you have forgotten the presents then never fear, we’ll have you off the hook with this funny Christmas card. We’ve got your back!

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