Happy Father's Day Card - Hoppy Father's Day, by Jelly Armchair. On some different coloured beer bottles and cans are some letters spelling 'Happy Father's' and then three rabbits are bouncing and each holding a letter to spell 'day'.

Dad jokes for Father’s Day

Find the right funny Father’s Day Card Father’s day is the next big date in the world of card buying so we thought why not show you some of our top picks for Father’s Day this year. We have some awesome alternative father’s day cards for all the Dads out there. So whether your dad […]

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Eco friendly Greetings cards, Sustainable Greetings cards at Jelly Armchair. A planet is smiling and has a brown card tag attached that reads 'Please look after this Planet, thank you!'

Eco Friendly cards – updates!

Disclaimer: In this little blog about our Eco Friendly cards, I’m going to use the word ‘board’…a lot. Cat and I have an ongoing debate on whether I can say ‘board’ or whether it’s too industry speak. So, for clarification it’s just the way we talk about the stuff that our card designs get printed

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