Bookworm Art Print - Lie Brie

Lie Brie


Introducing “Lie-Brie,” a deliciously quirky print from Jelly Armchair that artfully blends the love of reading with a cheesy pun. This playful illustration is a must-have for anyone seeking a unique and humorous addition to their art collection, a book nook, or even their kitchen decor!

Our “Lie-Brie” print brings to life a comical legend of a mischeese-vious cheese who wreaked havoc in the local library. ‘ The vibrant, high-quality inks capture every meticulous, hand-drawn detail, promising a durable, visually stunning display that retains its charm over the years.

Sized at a convenient 30×30 cm, this print is an eye-catching piece that can be easily hung or framed. Its versatility allows it to be a perfect standalone piece or a part of a gallery wall, adding an element of fun and charm to your space.

But the appeal of “Lie-Brie” extends beyond just being a treat for your eyes. It makes an excellent gift for bookworms, cheese enthusiasts, and pun-lovers alike. It’s a thoughtful, laughter-inducing present that would surely be treasured, thanks to its unique blend of whimsy and artistry.

Don’t wait to bring this cheesy bibliophile’s delight into your home or to the doorsteps of your loved ones. Order the “Lie-Brie” print today, and let it melt hearts and ignite smiles with its delightful design and wit.


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A little bit about our art prints: Why not spice up your walls with this bookworm art print?  We’ve got wall art prints to make you smile or grimace, they also make a pretty top notch librarian gift too. Whether it’s food puns for your kitchen wall, punny rabbits for the kids bedroom or parodies inspired by Art and literature we’ve got art work for all occasions, walls and desks.

Size: This duplicitous cheesy art print comes unframed

  • 30cm x 30cm

We have chosen the sizes of all our Wall Art Prints very carefully after thorough research. We found that these were the easiest sizes to find reasonably priced frames on the High Street. 

Materials: We print all of our wall art using high quality inks and processes and use a 300gsm recycled board, we believe this showcases Cat’s artwork in the best way whilst being as sustainable as possible.

Postage: The print will come packaged flat in protective board and envelope. All of our packaging is plastic free.  We send all our prints First Class – if you get your order in before 12pm we aim to get it sent out the same day.

*frame not included*

Illustration: We’ve picked this design from a line-up of Cat’s best-selling artwork. If you would like to see another Jelly Armchair design transformed into a print, let us know!



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Bookworm Art Print - Lie Brie, by Jelly Armchair. A colourful cartoon image of a library with wooden shelves. On a table is a slab of brie saying 'I'm actually a hard cheese'. The text below says 'Visit your local Lie Brie'.Lie Brie
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