Cat Cushion - Cat A Pillar Cushion

Cat A Pillar Cushion

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This Cat A Pillar cushion features a beautiful illustration of cats forming cat pillars!

This is the ultimate gift for any cat lover, this highly detailed illustration features many different cats, all with different characters and expressions set against the background of a cloudy blue sky.

The cushion features a striking black piping which allows it to complement any home decor and would look at home in any cat lovers living room.

The cushion comes pre-filled with padded insert.

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This cat cushion is 45cm x 45cm. The front and back of the design are slightly different (so we could incorporate more of the original illustration.

These cushions are made in the UK and the designs are printed onto 100% organic cotton. Each cat cushion has coloured piping.

The cat cushions feature a black zip, an internal care label, and our lovely embroidered logos on the bottom left corner.

We provide the cat cushions with  padding included.

After much deliberation we opted for fully recycled synthetic plastic fibre inners. This was out of a desire not to use any animal product. We weighed up the options of cotton (we were unable to source organic cotton inners at a competitive price) or wool however decided that using recycled plastic fibres was the most affordable, eco friendly and durable option.

These decisions are always tricky and so the option to buy the cushion gives you the opportunity to make the choice that you feel most comfortable with.


With Or Without Cushion Pad

Cushion Cover Only, Add Cushion Pad


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Cat A Pillar Cushion
Original price was: £45.00.Current price is: £20.00.

Availability: In stock

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