Do You Wanna Pizza Me?


Be a pizza lover, not a fighter. Whether you prefer pineapple or pepperoni, I think we can all agree that everybody loves pizza.

So it doesn’t matter if you don’t always see eye to eye with your other half about pizza toppings on take away night.

These two sparring slices are perfect for any semi pro boxer who loves a cheeky slice of pizza on cheat day. Or send to that someone who simply can’t live without this cheesy goodness in their life and gets a tad defensive if you suggest something else for dinner. 

Much like pizza being suitable for any meal, this card is suitable for any occasion; birthdays, anniversaries or just because.


Cat and Liz ate the best pizza of their lives at a restaurant called Spontini in Milan that only serves margherita pizza and sells it by weight. It was the absolute tits.


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A Bit About This Collection : This is an au natural card, right down to the envelope. No frills here, just some good ol’ puns and a splash of paint. We have printed this range onto recycled paper, so it looks good and does good! We particularly love this board; because it is recycled there are very small flecks in the card giving it a natural but smooth look which gives the design even more texture and a luxe feel. Original illustration in a mixture of dip pen & ink, gouache, watercolour, and fine liner.

Size:  120mm x 170mm in size (a bit bigger than A6!)

Envelope: Your card will come with a brown kraft envelope. 

Materials: Designed and printed  sustainably in the UK onto 300gsm Revive recycled board.

Recyclable: Both card and envelope are fully recyclable.

Disclaimer: All product copy was written during the great COVID lockdown of 2020, if it sounds like we needed to get out more, it’s because we did.


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Card with brown envelope. Purple watercolour background. Two angry-looking slices of pizza are holding their fists up at each otherDo You Wanna Pizza Me?

Availability: In stock

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