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If you have a pal who is always making you laugh, then why don’t you send them something to make them smile – this time it’s your turn.

Give them a minty fresh card, packed with puns. Spear them with humour, pepper the puns all around them. It’s going to be mint.

A card that is wonderful for a funny friend, or for your muse! Sweet shop owners and dentists will come together over this card.


The type of mint Cat chose to illustrate are Mint imperials, because she enjoys how they always seem to multiply inside a pick and mix bag and Cat and Liz’s nana usually keeps some in the car for car treats and they use to compete to see who would make one last the longest- which in hindsight was probably to keep them quiet on long journeys!


This card also comes in a birthday version! The middle pun reads ‘Have A Monumintal Birthday’ instead of ‘A Muse Mint’.


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A Bit About This Collection: One pun isn’t enough for you, oh no, you need at least eight to get your fill. Well never fear, our ‘Multi Pun’ cards are here. Cards packed with puns for birthdays, weddings, or just because. Original illustration in a mixture of dip pen & ink, gouache, watercolour, and fine liner.

Size:  150x150mm in size.

Envelope: Your card will come with one of three patterned envelopes, dependent on the design.  Each envelope is fully illustrated with either avocados in the park, seagulls at the beach, or foodie treats. There is a blank space for you to write your address.

Materials: Designed and printed in the UK.  We’re in the process of upgrading this range so that it’s all printed onto 300gsm Revive uncoated board. For this reason, your order will either be on this board, or our existing stock of 285gsm Carte Lumina coated board, depending on availability as we sell down our existing stock.  We’ve made this decision to switch to a fully recycled and carbon balanced board as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and reducing waste wherever possible, we think you’ll love the change.

Recyclable: Both card and envelope are fully recyclable.

Disclaimer: All product copy was written during the great COVID lockdown of 2020, if it sounds like we needed to get out more, it’s because we did.

1 review for A Muse Mint Multi

  1. Anonymous

    Such funny cards, clever play on words, very original! Love the use of environmentally friendly materials too, cards and printing is great quality.

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