Make A Kakapo Plane

If you receive our weekly newsletter you would have read our news story of the week! This is a segment where we post a positive event that has happened in the news, to help cast a ray of light through some of those news stories that cast a gloom.

This week in our News To Make You Smile we featured a story about Dr James Chatterton who worked to bring the kakapo, a flightless and rare bird from New Zealand, back from the brink of extinction.

Cat has illustrated a couple of cute kakapos in a spotty pink plane – so that they can fly! Can you cut out all the pieces and assemble it?

Download Your Kakapo Here!

See below for instructions.

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You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cardboard (a used cereal box or empty toilet roll will do!)
  • String (to hang your plane up)
  • Tape

Cut out all the pieces and glue the two large parts of the plane together. We recommend using some cardboard to go in the middle of all of the parts, like a cereal box, or a used toilet roll, for stability!

Next do the same with the wings, glueing the flaps onto the large section of the plane.

Do the same with the smaller wings for the tail of the plane.

Then glue together the two propellers and cut a slit in the middle, then slot it onto the front of your plane.

You’re done! You can now use some tape to attach some string and hang up your kakapo plane!


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