Midsummer Bream


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Is your hunt for a card that will fit a particular niche not going so swimmingly? If you are fishing for a greetings card for Shakespeare fans, medieval re-enactors and fishermen/fisherwomen, time to reel it in because you’ve just bagged yourself the perfect catch right here.

This is sure to make any occasion off the scale with theatrical  punny laughs, from birthday to congratulations, this card will be the highlight of someone’s knight. 

This bream can also be found amongst other shakespearean creatures on our Shakes-bear multi-pun card. 

This is one of Cat’s favourite to draw because she played Bottom in Midsummer when she was a teen, she thinks she can still remember the words: 

“I had a Bream, past the wit of man to say what Bream it was… The eye of man hath not heard, the ear of man hath not seen, man’s hand is not able to taste, his tongue to conceive, nor his heart to report, what my Bream was.’’

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A Bit About This Collection: This is the original Jelly Armchair range, and it’s where everything started. This collection puns are the classics and include some of our all time best sellers – check out ‘Boo Bees’ and ‘He May Be Small And Green But He Does Avocado’. Original illustration in a mixture of dip pen & ink, gouache, watercolour, and fine liner.

Size:  A6 in size.


Envelope: Your card will come with a kingfisher blue envelope (yeah that’s right, not just plain ol’ blue).


Materials: Designed and printed sustainably in the UK onto 285gsm Carte Lumina board.


Recyclable: Both card and envelope are fully recyclable.


Disclaimer: All product copy was written during the great COVID lockdown of 2020, if it sounds like we needed to get out more, it’s because we did.

3 reviews for Midsummer Bream

  1. Anonymous

    Very cute snail, arrived quickly and my sister loved it!

  2. Anonymous

    wonderful amazing cards! i adore them, my grandma did too

  3. Anonymous

    Arrived quickly, great card as always.

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A card with a blue envelope tucked inside. A sea bream fish with a little sword in one fin and a shield in the other. Wearing a helmet that has a red feathery ploom. Text below reads 'A Midsummer Nights Bream'.Midsummer Bream

Availability: In stock

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