Min-eastery of Magic Colouring Sheet

The winner of our Easter pun competition is Abi Gostick with her fantastic list of Harry Potter themed egg puns!

Click here to download the colouring sheet.

Copy Cat’s colours or go wild and paint it as bright as an Easter egg!

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Here is Abi’s list of puns, can you spot them all?


“Or worse…egg-spelled” (Hermioneggranger)

Rubeus Eggrid

Eggspecto paronem

OWL eggsams

Fleur Deleggcour

Bartegg rouch

McNair the eggsecutor

Hogwarts eggs-press

Mrs Fegg

Professor Mcgoneggall

Bob Eggden

Petrifeggus totalus


Peeves the Polteggeist

Seamus Finneggan

Eggor Karkaroff

Peter Petteggrew

Sir Cadeggan




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