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Two elephants and a cymbal fall off a cliff….ba dum tish. That’s one percussion joke, but if you were after something a little less tragic and a little more cosy then this is the card for you. 

The purrcushion band have been playing together for the past 5 years, they have had such hits as ‘like a cat out of hell’, ‘Bird-hemian Catsody’, ‘It’s cat to be Puuuurfect’ and ‘Sprays like teen spirit.’ With Clawdette on the bongos, Furrrgus on the maracas and Pawline on the triangles they’re taking the world by storm.


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A Bit About This Collection: This is the original Jelly Armchair range, and it’s where everything started. This collection puns are the classics and include some of our all time best sellers – check out ‘Boo Bees’ and ‘He May Be Small And Green But He Does Avocado’. Original illustration in a mixture of dip pen & ink, gouache, watercolour, and fine liner.

Size:  A6 in size.


Envelope: Your card will come with a kingfisher blue envelope (yeah that’s right, not just plain ol’ blue).


Materials: Designed and printed sustainably in the UK onto 285gsm Carte Lumina board.


Recyclable: Both card and envelope are fully recyclable.


Disclaimer: All product copy was written during the great COVID lockdown of 2020, if it sounds like we needed to get out more, it’s because we did.

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