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Funny wildlife card - Hedgerows. Funny greetings cards by Jelly Armchair. A card willed with twelve different types of hedgerow creature, from robins to hedgehogs! All are wearing different coloured party hats.

Animal Party

Lots of animals, all having a party. That is what you will find in this card range.

Cute Valentine's card - Together Furrever. Funny Valentine's card by Jelly Armchair. A card with a blue envelope tucked inside. Two cats, one ginger and one tabby. They are looking at each other and entwining their tails to create a heart. Text below reads 'Together Furrever'.

Cats & Dogs

Greetings cards for dog and cat owners obsessed with four-legged friends.

Bon bon Voyage card on a desk with a blue envelope

Folded Wave

This range is full of practical cards for when you need to send a message with a smile.

Dinosaur Valentine's Day Card - Girl Like Herbivore. Funny valentine's cards by Jelly Armchair. A on a wooden table. On the card a green dinosaur eating a plant. The text reads'No I've Never Met A Girl Like Herbivore'

Girl like Herbivore

All the cards here are based on a well-known song. Can you guess them all? 

Funny valentine's day card - I think You're. Funny greetings cards by Jelly Armchair. A brown bear is sitting looking at a polar bear and saying 'I think you're cool'. The polar bear is looking at you and is wearing a multicoloured cap.

I think you’re

Sometimes it’s just nice to let someone know how much they mean to you.

Cow greetings card - Legend Dairy. Funny greetings card by Jelly Armchair. A blue background and a wooden table. On the table is a card. A black cow in the centre with text that reads 'Legend Dairy'. This is surrounded by eight cow puns.


 Our multi-pun cards will ensure you share a grin/grimace with your loved ones.

Art pun greetings card - The Post Impressionists. Funny Greetings card by Jelly Armchair. A grey envelope with a card on top. Van Gogh, Cezanne, Gauguin, & Lautrec are each holding a lamp above their heads & are painted in their own style. Text: 'The Post Impressionists'.

Literature & Arts

Arts & literature puns, including famous painters, authors and other clever boffins.

Dinosaur Dog greetings card - Jurassic Bark. Funny Greetings Card by Jelly Armchair. A card stood on a table. Small jack russell wearing a huge dinosaur costume hat, with a little red party hat on top. Text above reads 'Jurassic Bark'.

Puns on Paint

No frills here, just some good ol’ puns and a splash of paint.

Funny Valentine's Day Card - I like you etc. By Jelly Armchair. A card on a wooden table. On the card a black silhouette of a heart, inside in white it says 'I like you etc'.

Scribbled Sentiments

For something simple, elegant, and light-hearted.

Space Greetings Card - Planet. Funny greetings cards by Jelly Armchair. Four panels showing saturn and a star, saturn has a diary and a pencil. Star: 'Want to hang out soon?' Saturn: Oo! Let me check my diary, when it comes to spending my time, I really love to planet!'.

Sequential Silliness

Some puns are like onions, so these comic strip cards tell the whole story.

Tea Mother's Day card - Tea-riffic. Funny Mother's Day Cards by Jelly Armchair. A blue and white smily teapot and a gold handle. Next to it is a little teacup of the same design. The teacup is saying 'Mum you are tea-riffic!'.

Square Occasions

The stinkiest puns on square cards.. for all occasions!

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